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About Us

In 1959 George Whitton and my father, Reg Frost left Miles of Ashfield and started up on their own selling fire wood at the side of the road. A sales man from Cornish and Lloyds said “Take the little Tiger Teles chainsaw and give me £10 when you have earned some money”. It cost £30 in total, and with a homemade saw bench they were in business.

They soon bought a second hand lorry for £35 and started their own wood round selling fire wood, linen line props, and sticks.

They would do all sorts to make a £, hedge cutting, ditching, chopping out sugar beet (it was all by hand in those days).  Another second hand lorry and they were now in haulage, carting and spreading lime sludge, sugar beet to British Sugar factory in Bury, and ploughing, and muck spreading.

In 1961 Mum, Dad and George rented the property, Sunnyside, in Stanton, the same year as I was born. With about 60 pigs in the shed and a house cow for milk, and Mum could make butter.
In 1971 they bought a field in Wyken Road, Stanton, which was to become our home and the yard from which the business still operates.

In 1982, at the age of 21, I returned home from 3 years in the Army and I was made a partner in the firm. We expanded to 4 lorries and steadily grew the business, bagging and selling sand and gravel, and after winning a 10 year contract with a nationwide builder we grew to 12 trucks with 20 trailers. When this contract ended we moved into ready mix concrete and then realising we had access to materials and had the skills, into groundworks.

Sadly Mum, Dad and George have now passed away but we, along with our experienced and knowledgeable staff will grow steadily and we have great plans for an exciting future


Neil Frost